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new york fashion week: vitruvius vancouver by a youth design collective(!)

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dress (from charlotte russe, rip). heels (similar).

Hey cutie pies! I can’t believe I’m writing the final review from Nolcha ShowsNew York Fashion Week event that I attended in February. If you haven’t read my first two reviews, be sure to check them out here and here! Hopefully, these are the first of many fashion show reviews to come. I love discovering new designers and seeing how talented they are firsthand!

That’s why I’m especially excited to write this review. Vitruvius Vancouver is a brand that provides art and design education for Canadian youth. The pieces that I saw were created by a collective of people who are younger than me! When I saw the collection, I thought it was just one designer. I already loved everything, but now I’m even more amazed at the designs that I saw.

Everything was so unique. While each piece that came down the runway differed from the next, they incorporated the same colors and fabrics, which made things really cohesive. In particular, they used a lot of royal blue, neon green, fiery orange, and soft grey. I was really impressed with the fact that they were able to create a wide range of pieces within a collection with such an interesting color palette. I think the colors are what really pulled the pieces together since each one was so different.

The collection included all types of pieces: rainjackets, turtlenecks, suits, dresses, and athletic wear. There are some pieces that I don’t really know how to classify, like the tuxedo jacket leotard, which was my favorite look. Is that considered outerwear? Most of the jackets that came down the runway were quite literally massive. I was a huge fan of all the pantsless looks. It’s like the youth of Vancouver know what I want.

I was also really impressed with the amount of texture in the show. There were a lot of traditional turtlenecks and some that were tailored very interestingly. They added a lot of dimension to the pieces. Later on in the show, we were introduced to a new, fuzzy looking fabric that was the same grey color as the rest of the pieces in the collection.

Vitruvius is the only designer at the show that had models of all genders, which added something cool and gave them a lot more room to play with their designs. However, the models were super stoic when they came down the runway, which was really different from the fun-loving vibe that I got from the collection. There was only one model that looked like they were having a good time.

Overall, I was so impressed with Vitruvius Vancouver and I’m so happy that I was introduced to them through Nolcha Shows. I can’t imagine how cool it must feel to be so young and see your designs at New York Fashion Week! I’m really excited to see what else Vitruvius has to offer, and the amazing designers that come out of their program.

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