The Clunkster

Pants Are Overrated


I PROMISE I am working on the dirty mirror! 

Flannel (it's from Eddie Bauer I just can't find the exact shirt). Dress. Boots (aren't being sold anymore :( ). Tights. Sunglasses (similar)

Seriously, when was the last time I wore pants?

This is probably one of my favorite outfits. I started off with my ~party~ dress. Every girl has that one dress they wear when they go out with their girlfriends because they know it's juuuuuust cheeky enough, but just classy enough. Well, this is my dress. It hugs all my curves, it's just the right length, and I just feel great in it. One day, I was getting ready for class and I needed to feel pretty, so I instinctively put on this dress. I needed to dress it down a bit, and what dresses something down more than a flannel?

This is actually my dad's flannel! It's super comfy. I wear it a lot. I love flannels, but I hate girl flannels. Designers always tailor them in "girly" ways and it's so annoying! I had my ex-boyfriend's flannel until we broke up, and I didn't realize how much I actually wore it. So, I stole a couple of them from my dad (don't worry, he willingly gave them to me. Trust me, he has more than enough). 

This pair is perfect because the flannel is longer than the dress, so I don't have to worry about standing up and flashing the world, even if I am wearing Spanx. I have a pocket, and I'm covered if I get cold. I also wore my trusty stockings and, of course, my boots. 

I wore my usual makeup (with a lot less foundation, thank you Dr. Grey!) and usual jewelry, except today I wore two necklaces instead of one. One night when I was going out wearing this dress, I couldn't decide between two necklaces, so I just put on both.

I actually really loved it, so I tried it again for today. I should wear multiple necklaces more! 

My hair was also really messy today because I really didn't feel like straightening it. This is my natural hair when I really just couldn't care. I think it went well with the look, especially with my rounded glasses. 

If you couldn't tell, I really love taking risks and being a little more "dolled up" (as my mother calls me), but I also love making things a bit more casual. It really depends on my mood and what I'm doing that day. Today, I got lunch with some friends that still go to my high school. I wanted to be casual enough to go for lunch, but I still wanted to feel pretty, and I feel pretty when I'm ~dolled up~. 

That's all for today. Clunk it up!