The Clunkster

Sorority Sunday!


It’s Sorority Sunday!!! That means I not only get to brag about my amazing sorority, but I also get to brag about the amazing sorority merch I have. This past week, Something Greek was having a sale, so I went nuts.

My other sorority shirts that have patterns in the letters basically just repeat the pattern. Instead, I bought this panoramic pattern since it was on sale. So, one picture stretches across the letters instead of it being like a grid sort of thing. I originally wasn’t gonna get this tank, but my mom convinced me to. Thanks Mom!

I am actually in love with this. At first I was upset when I opened the package and saw that the letters were scanned on instead of sewn on, but I actually like it so much better. This is like the sorority tank of my dreams. The sleeve openings are low enough so it looks adorable with a bandeau or a bralette, it’s long enough that I can wear it without pants, but it also looks adorable and baggy when I tuck it into high waisted shorts that perfectly match the pattern like these. I would definitely buy this tank in a different pattern. The waves go perfectly for beachy, summery vibes though!

My white Converse made an appearance today to match the tank, and I wore my rounded sunglasses because when do I ever wear other sunglasses? I kept my jewelry normal (two necklaces, and my Pura Vidas were Xi Gamma Nu colors because it is Sorority Sunday), my hair super straight, and I didn’t wear makeup because it’s Sunday and I’m lazy. 

I always talk about how it’s most important to feel your best. When you’re comfortable with what you’re wearing, you have a great attitude and a great day. While walking around today, I really felt beautiful and confident. It just goes to show that you don’t always need to get dolled up to feel/look your best, even though I do love getting dolled up.