The Clunkster



Sneakers (no longer being sold at Primark).

Sweater (no clue I'm sorry). Boots (no longer being sold at Primark). Sunglasses (similar). Leggings

I have another sweater look for you all today! Sweater weather is back. This is one of my favorites. It’s super warm, but also really cute. I love the silhouette it gives me. Usually, I wear this sweater with these fuzzy leggings from Primark that are so so so so warm.

Here’s a little Clunkster mistake: in my flatlay, I have boots, but in my selfie, I’m wearing my black sneakers. I ended up wearing my sneakers for the day, but the boots would also look super cute with this outfit. I just loved the color scheme with the black sneakers. Later on in the day when it got colder, I wore my black and white varsity jacket, which looked super cute.

My hair was super straight, which I love with this sweater. I tend to straighten my hair more as it gets colder. My jewelry was also normal, except I didn’t wear a necklace since no one could see it. This outfit was super duper comfy for me.