The Clunkster



Top (no longer being sold at Urban Outfitters). Shorts. Sandals (no longer being sold at Sam Edelman). Sunglasses (similar). Sweater (no longer being sold at The Gap). 

The story of this outfit is kinda funny. Basically, I woke up, and my friends said “Hey, we’re going to get food now, so if you want to go, we have to leave literally now.” At the time, I was wearing my blue tribal shorts, which I wear to bed every now and then, and my bralette. Since I had to be ready in a hurry, I did a bunch of random things.

First, I realized that I looked really cute in my bralette, but it wasn’t exactly ~dining hall attire~, so I put on my black crop top instead. Since I was cold, I threw on my grey sweater, and since I didn’t have time to do anything else with the ball of grease sitting atop my head, I put my hair in a curly-ish ponytail, which I haven’t worn in a while.

Lastly, shoes. I wanted to wear my moccasins, but I figured it was too pajama-y. It was relatively late in the day, like too late to be waking up and going to the DH in your pajamas. So, to dress up my look, I wore my Sam Edelman flats. I love these things.

I wasn’t wearing any makeup for this, but I did throw on some jewelry, like my elephant necklace that I wore super short. I really loved the levels in this though, and I haven’t talked about levels in a while, so I’ll just go on a rant now. I have a short shirt, short pants, and a long sweater. My hair is high up, and so is my necklace. This look seems to be very “up,” while the sweater takes it down a notch and kind of chills it out. I love fashion.