The Clunkster

Throwback Thursday


Dress (no clue I'm sorry). Sweater. Sneakers. Sunglasses (similar). 

Wow, so this is a mega Throwback Thursday. This was my First Day of School outfit from the beginning of the year! Growing up, I wore a uniform to school, so I never really went back to school clothes shopping or anything, but my mom always took a picture of me with my backpack on before I left.

I actually wore this dress for my first day of college classes ever, so I thought it would be cute if I wore it again. This dress was another cousin-hand-me-down, so I have no clue where it’s from, but isn’t it cute? It’s the perfect balance of cute and formal. I’ve worn it to so many ~events~, but I also wear it on regular, casual days.

Most of the time, like in this look, I wear this dress with my black Converse to keep it cute and casual. If I need to be a little more dressed up, I wear my clear flip-flops with silver studs.

When I got chilly, I put on my grey cardigan thing that perfectly matched the top of my dress. My makeup was normal, and my hair was straight, since I was super pumped for the first day of classes. My jewelry was normal as well!