The Clunkster

Wardrobe Crush Wednesday


Shirt (Gamma exclusive bbs). Flannel (no longer being sold at Eddie Bauer). Bralette. Skirt (different color). Boots (no longer being sold at Primark). 

Flannel (no longer being sold at Eddie Bauer). Dress. Boots (no longer being sold at Primark). TightsSunglasses (similar)

Flannel (no longer being sold at Eddie Bauer). Boots (no longer being sold at Primark). Stockings.

Way back when I was in a relationship, I stole my boyfriend’s flannel and wore it literally every night until we broke up. I also wore it during the day, and I began incorporating it into a lot of my outfits. So, when I gave him his flannel back, there was a hole in my heart, not for him, of course, but for his flannel!

So, my dad gave me a couple of his that he didn’t wear anymore, since he’s a construction worker and he has a billion. One was bright blue and really cute, and another was just plain black which is really cool every now and then, but this one’s my favorite because it’s relatively neutral, so I can wear it with a lot.

“Male” flannels are so much better than “female” flannels because they’re legitimately more comfortable! They’re made to fit an actual body, not a mannequin. My dad’s specifically are fabulous because he’s a bigger guy, so I’m basically swimming in fabric. It’s amazing. And the pockets are so generous!

You guys know I love it when my outerwear is longer than what I’m wearing. I love wearing this flannel with dresses because it’s a perfect dress length! It also takes fancy dresses down a notch, which is lovely.

I figured I wore this flannel occasionally, but since we just went through midterms week at school, I was being super lazy and just wanted to be comfy, so I ended up wearing this flannel a lot. I figured it out because when I was at an event where the new members of my sorority had to describe sisters without using their names, they kept giving “flannels” as a clue. I’ll take it!

Moral of the story: don’t let a boy cramp your style. Clunk that.

Dress. Flannel (no longer being sold at Eddie Bauer). StockingsSunglasses (similar). Boots (no longer being sold at Primark). 

Flannel (no longer being sold at Eddie Bauer). Leggings (similar). Tank Top (it's basic af, you can get it anywhere). MoccasinsSunglasses (similar).