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turtleneck (similar). flannel. leggings. boots. lipgloss (in Sanctuary). perfume

Hi hi! Today’s look is one of my new favorites. My lovely father gave me more flannels! He’s the greatest. The two he gave me are actually thicker than what I’m used to, which has been great throughout this winter. Sometimes I can get away with one of these and a jacket or sweatshirt underneath! The other flannel is red, while this one is electric blue. I don’t wear it as much as my red one because it’s so bright, but I love it just the same!

Today, I decided to wear my flannel over an all-black outfit. I really like wearing a plain black turtleneck and leggings and adding some cool outerwear, like a flannel or sweater. It makes this piece pop and gives you endless opportunities for shoes, hair, and makeup! On this particular day, I stuck with my lighter Timberlands, tight braids (you do not want to see what my hair was trying to do), and some darker makeup. I hadn’t gotten fully made-up at any point the week I wore this, so it was nice to feel a little functional again. As I always say, if you look good, you feel good!