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turtleneck (similar). flannel. leggings. boots. lipgloss (in sanctuary). 

New flannel alert! This one isn't a hand-me-down, but it's not a women's flannel. My parents know me too well. For Christmas, they searched for a Harley Davidson big men's flannel that I'd like, and they chose the perfect one :') Aren't they the best? For those of you who are new here, I've grown up in a Harley Davidson family, and I wear their merchandise with pride. 

You can only kinda see it in the pictures, but one side of the flannel has the Harley Davidson shield. It also says "Harley Davidson" across the upper back, which is super badass. Even though this flannel isn't old or worn, it's actually really soft and comfortable. I really love wearing it! I also really love the color. I have another red flannel, but it's really bright. This is more chill and muted.

The color goes with my Kat Von D lipstick perfectly! Ah, my Everlasting Liquid Lipstick, love of my life. Because these two colors existed perfectly together, I decided on muting the rest of my look. I wore a black turtleneck, black leggings, and black boots. I think this really let the two maroon colors pop and play off each other really well. And as a bonus, I was really comfortable.