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crop top or bra?

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top (similar). shorts. kimono (similar). sneakers. perfume.

Happy hump day! Back when it was super duper hot here in Boston, I barely wanted to wear any clothes to be honest. I didn’t have any AC in my room (thank God I do now!) so all I did was lay around in my Star Wars bra/crop top (I still never know how to categorize it) and denim shorts, watch lots of Vanderpump Rules, and sweat.

Regardless of how good these clothes make me feel temperature-wise, I think this is a cute look in general when I added the kimono. I love wearing crop tops, but I hesitate to with these newer shorts because they have a lower waistline, but I feel like showing my whole belly is Star Wars-like, like I did when I went to a May the 4th party.

And to be honest, this kimono can make anything look amazing. I fell in love with it the moment I saw it and we’ve been together ever since. And while formatting this post I found out that it's no longer being sold by H&M, and I would be lying if I said I didn't shed a tear. But I linked an equally cute one that I actually really love. I'm definitely gonna take a stroll through their kimonos. I got this one in a size large because I wanted it to fit nice and loose, so definitely keep sizing in mind if you decide to get one for yourself (which you definitely should). 

My top knot is also thriving, as this was one of the only hairstyles I could bear! I love my long, thick hair, but in the heat it can be just too much. I miss wearing my hair down, but playing around with new styles is always fun. I’ve been meaning to measure the height of my bun, I’ll get back to you guys.

Do you think this is a crop top or a bra? Let me know in the comments!