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maroon monday

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tank (no longer being sold by Urban Outfitters). bralette. shorts. sneakers. perfume.

Happy Monday! It’s a brand new week full of endless possibilities! I had an awesome weekend and just watched this awesome Ted Talk so I’m in a fantastic mood. I woke up this morning feeling tired and lazy and not wanting to talk to or look at anyone, but sometimes you just gotta push yourself and things will work out.

This is one of my favorite tops that I don’t wear as often anymore! I used to wear it alllll the time last year. I love the color especially, but the unique cut of it is so cool and different. You can’t really tell in these pictures, but the straps of the tank knot in the back so the back is basically fully open. I always wear my bralette with this top because it just looks so cool.

I also love this top because you can wear it any way. I wore this exact outfit to a party a couple weekends ago, but when I took this picture I was wearing it for a normal day. It’s perfect for the hot weather.

I’ve styled it so many different ways since I got it, but this particular time, I just went with my jean shorts and black Converse. Once again, I went makeupless because it was hotter than hell, and put my messy hair into a cute half-up-half-down thing. Don’t you love humidity?

How was your weekend?! Let me know in the comments!