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top (no longer being sold by American Apparel). shorts. bralette. sneakers. perfume. sunglasses.

Happy Friday! We made it to the weekend, look at us! I’m seeing my parents this weekend, so I’m super pumped. I love any chance I get to spend time with them.

Here’s a look similar to one I posted way back when I started my blog. I’ve always loved this crop top (it’s a hand-me-down from my cousin) because it’s basic, cute, and a little flirty. When I first wore this look, I wore high-waisted, lighter wash denim shorts. Not gonna lie, as much as I adore these new shorts from American Eagle, I really miss the higher waistline that I’m used to with other bottoms. I feel like the space between the end of the top and beginning of the bottoms is too much sometimes. Nevertheless, I’ll always love this shirt, no matter how I style it.

I wore my hair in braids to protect my soul from the heat, ditched the makeup again, and wore my white Converse. I also wore INDI by Katy Perry (again! what a surprise) and my adorable (but still too big!) heart-shaped sunglasses. I get so many compliments on them.

Are you doing anything fun this weekend? Let me know in the comments!