The Clunkster

Classic Clunkster


Sweater (no longer being sold at The Gap).

Shirt. Leggings. Boots (no longer being sold at Primark). Bralette.

I feel like this look is 100% me. At the end of my Serengetee internship, I got this adorable crop sweater that I had wanted for so long! It's insanely comfortable, and I love how you can wear it off the shoulder or not (even though I almost always wear it off the shoulder). It goes perfectly with this bralette and leggings, as well as my typical Clunkster boots. When I get cold, it looks fab with my favorite grey sweater or a different flannel, or really anything. I always wear this crop sweater with a choker, too. 

Overall, I think this look totally represents my style. It's also super comfy! Even though I'm not a Serengetee rep anymore, I'll always promote their clothes because they're so awesome.