The Clunkster

Clunky and Cute


Sweater (similar). Skirt (different color). Sneakers. Sunglasses (similar).

Okay, so this is one of my favorite outfits. Obviously, I have a deep love for this denim skirt that runs through my veins and makes me a better person. This sweater is one of my favorite things ever. How cute is this sweater? I’ve never owned a cropped sweater before, but I’m 500% in love with this one, and I want to buy so many more. In fact, I’m wearing this sweater backwards!

The back is super cute and laced really low, and I love a beautifully ornate back, so I figured, why not? Then, my friend tried it on and put it on with the laces in the front, which was really the “right” way, which I didn’t realize, even though the tag was on what I thought was the front.

In my opinion, you should be able to wear your clothes however you want, and I like wearing this backwards! You can’t even tell the difference! I also like to wear a sweater dress backwards, which I’ll talk about eventually.

I wore my white Converse since my black Converse just look weird with this skirt, and I straightened the hell out of my hair. I love this look as a party look, but also just for hanging out! My makeup looked pretty good too. In general, I was just so happy with how this look turned out. I wear it every chance I get. It's very flirty and innocent. It's perfect.